Khatsahlano 2015

We had a fabulous time at the PEAK Performance Project tent at Khatsahlano Fest in Vancouver on Saturday! Thank you to everyone who came out — we really appreciate the support. :)

Big ups to all the bands in the competition this year — some seriously hot performances went down on Saturday!

Catch us on Friday August 14th at The Biltmore along with The Strain and our PPP bros Smash Boom Pow! Tickets can be purchased HERE


Photo: @criistiinaaC

Photo: @criistiinaaC


Summer Shows


Hey guys, we’re playing some shows. Come out and have some fun with us!

July 10th – Kamloops, BC – Riverside Bandshell – 6:30 – 7:30pm
July 11th – Vancouver, BC – Khatsahlano Festival – 7:45 – 8:15pm
July 18th – Surrey, BC – Surrey Fusion Fest – 6 – 7pm
August 14th – Vancouver, BC – The Biltmore w/ Smash Boom Pow & The Strain


PEAK Performance Project TOP 12

As you can clearly tell from the picture, we are simply tickled pink to be accepted into this year’s Top 12 of the PEAK Performance Project! If that collection of words doesn’t make any sense — basically we are going to band camp! Yeah, we’re gonna have fun. Yeah, we’re gonna make some friends. Yeah, we’re gonna play the game.

Take a minute to check out all the other great artists featured in this year’s Top 12.

Big ups to 102.7 the PEAK, Music BC, and Jim Pattison for letting us run amok!


Bud Bus Blog Vol II

It’s incredible how fast the time flies on the road. Certainly there have been days with 15+ hours of driving, yet it feels like only yesterday we were standing proud on our bus in front of a gigantic T-Rex in Drumheller, AB. In fact, since then we have performed in Saskatoon, five cities in Ontario and even managed to invade Montreal, QC.


Throughout our trek one thing has proven to be very clear: when you want something, the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. The hospitality that we have encountered on our journey has been pleasantly overwhelming.


It seems in every place we’ve stopped others have went out of their way to help us in whatever way they could – whether it’s a place to stay, a meal, information and advice, or even simple encouragement and well-wishes. As the saying goes, haters gon’ hate. But we haven’t experienced anything but the opposite. Lovers gon’ love?


Being able to perform our music to willing ears in various cities is all we could ask for. But this tour has offered much more. Exploring the beautiful environments of Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, etc. has been icing on top of the cake. Actually, it’s been better than that – cake icing is gross!


Oh, and we’ve partied. What do you think we are? Saints? OK, well one of us is – but only in name, my friends!


Believe me, there have been some fun nights – seeing the Rennehan clan in Sudbury, getting raucous at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, chilling with homies and celebrating birthdays in Montreal, wilding with new friends in Ottawa… Don’t you worry, good times have been had!


Saturday night was our final show in Winnipeg, and what a show it was! It was the best ending to the Best of Everything Tour we could have asked for, with an enthusiastic crowd and an excellent opening act: Paisley. Look out for these guys.


It’s bittersweet, knowing that this is coming to an end. All the same, it will be nice to return home to family and friends.


Once again, a big thank you to everyone who supported us throughout this tour. The biggest shout out goes to Kim Anderson, who was willing to put up with our shit for over two weeks while she documented all the little details. Good on ya, Kimmy!


Until the next journey!

Purple Room


Bud Bus Blog: Vol I

Somewhere in Ontario…

Before we started this journey only five fleeting days ago, someone dear to me hid a small notebook in my bag (along with a bar of dark, sea-salted chocolate, which I have a complicated relationship with). My friend is obviously well-versed in the art of persuasion. The implication of the tiny blank pages was clear – write!

Dino Bus

Write? Why write? Nobody has time to read anymore. Everyone wants 10 seconds of hilarity in video form. 30 seconds, MAX. Writing can be plainly and simply summed up in two words: Old Fashioned.

Well, kids, two can play at the ‘two words’ game: Too Bad.

Matt & Mark

Whether you like it or not, this crotchety old bag is gonna write words! And say “two” way too many 2imes!!

Fine, I’ll even include a hilarious video for your viewing pleasure! See how kind and generous I am? Who knows, I may even indulge a moment to offer some kind knowledge gained from this journey.

Brace yourselves.

Verns VD

In the past last few days, Van Damsel & Co. have managed to drizzle our collective DNA onto three of this country’s fine provinces – already having performed in Kamloops, BC, Calgary, AB, and Saskatoon, SK. What have we learned from this experience?

Pfft – like I’m gonna tell you that already! (Good try, though.)

This being our first foray outside of BC, we weren’t certainly certain what to expect from the rest of Canada. And would you believe it – besides being a bit sleep deprived – so far this rather large country has surpassed our expectations.

Verns Stairs

The shows themselves have been a real treat – almost as good as the Sriracha-Ketchup chips Renny managed to smuggle onto the bus. It is encouraging to know that there are still folks out there who enjoy being entertained by live music.

Zacks VD B&W

Shout out to sound guys with magical ears who never age (Ian at Capitol Music Club in Saskatoon) and rough-around-the-edges venue owners like Clint from Verns in Calgary, who put the bands’ well-being first.

Big ups to sexually charged radio interviews and frank discussions with radio directors about song replay value.

Saskatoon Radio Interview

And props to local bands who know how to show a warm welcome to out-of-towners. I’m looking at you, Violent Betty, Ana Haverstock, Windigo, and The Wells. It was a pleasure to kick the tour off with our hometown homies, Gleneagle, who brought the ruckus to Zack’s in Kamloops.

Of course, the tour wouldn’t be the same without the incomparable Windmills, aka Cory Myraas. Windmills has already proven himself to be the secret ingredient in this whole mess, ensuring that there is never a dull moment. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if Windmills decided to try his hand as a stand-up comedian in the future. Then again, if that happened, who would be there to sing to us oh-so-sweetly in our time of need?

Windmills Capitol

Also joining us on this ride is journalist Kim Anderson. Kim is quiet and seems to prefer listening to talking. Not that she would be able to get many words out before a perfectly-timed dad joke or outburst of “LOOK AT THIS GRAAAPH!” put an immediate stop to any kind of constructive contribution to the ‘conversation’.

Then again, it seems difficult to think of much besides Chad Kroeger’s Mona Lisa Smile while aboard the Bud Bus.

Kim has been putting up with our crap in hopes of producing a story, and we’ll be goddamned if it doesn’t turn out to be the most hilarious piece of literature since Hubbard’s Dianetics, whether she wants it to or not!


Right now we’re making the big trek between our last show, in Saskatoon, SK to our next in Sudbury, ON. We joked about calling the tour the “This Country is Too Fucking Big Tour,” and these last couple days have proven just how big it is.

But if there’s one thing we’ve learned from the Best of Everything Tour thus far, it’s that this is a big ol’ beautiful country we live in.

Capitol Matt & Renny


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